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Duran Duran's Influences and Others

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Duran Song Lyrics
David Bowie: A Tribute to a Music Great
Roxy Music
The Band Known as T.Rex
The Duo of Sparks
The Band : Japan
Arcadia and the Power Station
DD songs
In Memoriam

Enter Here ...With a Careless Memory

Hey there! Just wanted to say that I hope you enjoy the pics and all. Do me one favor though, and please DO NOT link directly to any of the pics,site,files etc. for it will consume my bandwidth. Please feel free and download any of the files on any of these pages directly to your own computer/system by right clicking and using the "save as " option. Thanks again for following through with my request, hope you enjoy this all, and I will bring you more as I can.
Enjoy! :))

The link below is a short audio clip that I uploaded from my own personal collection of cd/dvd sets. It is of Nick speaking about the bands and singers that had influences on them in one shape or form.

Nick talking about band's inspirations




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