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The Band that Got Down : Chic

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There is very little debate that Chic was one of disco greatest contribution. By the time Chic appeared in the late '70s, disco was already starting to decrease in popularity. Chic bucked the trend by stripping disco's sound down to its basic elements; their funky, stylish grooves had an simple sense of interplay that was missing from many of their overproduced competitors. Chic's sound was anchored by the scratchy rhythm guitar of Nile Rodgers and the indelible bass lines of Bernard Edwards; as producers, they used keyboard and string embellishments, which kept the emphasis on the rhythm. Chic's unique approach not only resulted in some of the finest dance singles of the time, but also helped create a stepping stone for urban funk, dance-pop, and even hip-hop in the post-disco era.By the early1980s, the band struggled to obtain airplay and sales and eventually disbanded. But Rodgers and Edwards continued with their studio production work, and eventually wound up as two of the most successful producers of the 1980's.


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