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Guitar Chords/Bass Tabs

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Here is at least a few chord/tab pages of guitar/bass music for you to play. Played most of these myself, and they sound pretty accurate for the most part.
If there are any songs you would like me to add that you tabbed yourself, please feel free to email them to me at
 and I of course will add them to the page, and your name of the song(s) you tabbed. Thanks again..and enjoy! :))

Guitar Chords/Tabs

1. Astronaut

2. Cracks in the Pavement

3. Femme Fatale

4. Hold Back the Rain

5. Hungry Like the Wolf

6. I Take the Dice

7. Last Chance on the Stairway

8. Lonely in your Nightmare

9. My Own Way

10. New Religion

11. Ordinary World


Bass Tabs

1. A View to a Kill

2. Friends of Mine

3. Girls on Film

4. Hungry Like the Wolf

5. Last Chance on the Stairway

7. Late Bar

8. My Own Way

9. New Moon on Monday

10. Nightboat

11. Planet Earth

Guitar Chords/Tabs

12. Reach Up for the Sunrise

13. Rio

14. Save a Prayer

15. Shadows on your Side

16.Thank You

17. The Chauffeur

18. The Seventh Stranger

19. Union of the Snake

20. What Happens Tomorrow


A Few More Bass Tabs

12. Rio

13. Save a Prayer

14. Serious

15. Shadows on your Side

16. Sound of Thunder

17. Tel Aviv

18. The Chauffeur

19. The Reflex

20. Tiger Tiger

21. View to a Kill -2nd Tab Version

22. Wild Boys

All material copyrighted and owned by Duran Duran and/or their original creators.