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Roxy Music

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The band known as Roxy Music were a British band that formed in the early 1970s as a collaborative effort between an art school graduate by the name of Bryan Ferry (vocals, keyboards), and electronic music wizard Brian Eno. The group's name was partially a homage to the titles of old cinema and dance halls, and partly a spin on the word 'rock'. Their mixture of nostalgic and contemporary, and futuristic-sounding themes, became a distinct and unique feature of the band's dress and music style as well, and earned much credit in influencing multiple numbers of bands and singers alike, with their fashion style, their lyrics, and even just by their general sound. Part of the new British invasion that took place in the late late 70's to early 80's, Roxy Music remains today as a figurehead of that time, and has earned a place in music history.
 As of today, a few of the members of the original group still continue to sing and perform in many venues.


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The Band Roxy Music

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