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David Bowie: A Tribute to a Music Great

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David Bowie: A Tribute to a Music Great
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 David Bowie, born David Robert Jones, is a legendary British  musician, as well as an actor who has starred in over 10 films that were and have been world wide succesess. He is also an music artist who has had an extremely profound influence on music genres, from the 1960s, up to the present day. Commonly known as one of the greatest chameleons of music history, David Bowie has always had the gift of being able to  change his musical style to suit the times, while still being able to stay true to his own ideas and artistic endeavors. He is considered as one of the music world's most influential, well known, and respected artists, as well as being humbly able to claim the sale of over 136,000,000 records in 38 years. Long live a legend.


1. Ashes_to_Ashes.mid

2. As_the_World_Falls_Down_Labyrinth.mid

3. Cat_People.mid

4. China_Girl.mid

5. Dancing_in_the_Street.mid

6. Diamond_Dogs.mid

7. As_the_World_Falls_Down_Laby_techno.mid

8. Fame.mid

9. Five_Years.mid

10. Hallucination_from_Labyrinth.mid

11. Heroes.mid

12. Home_at_Last_from_Labyrinth.mid

13. Into_the_Labyrinth.mid

14. Labyrinth_Medley.mid

15. Labyrinth_Theme.mid

16. Let's_Dance.mid

17. Life_on_Mars.mid

18. Little_Wonder.mid

19. Man_Who_Sold_the_World.mid

20. Modern_Love.mid

21. Moonage_Daydream.mid

22. Rebel_Rebel.mid

23. Sarah_Labyrinth.mid

24. Sorrow.mid

25. Sound_and_Vision.mid

26. Space_Oddity.mid

27. Starman.mid

28. Suffragette_City.mid

29. Sweet_Thing.mid

30. The_Man_Who_Sold_the_World.mid

31. This_Is_Not_America.mid

32. Under_Pressure.mid

33. Underground_Labyrinth.mid

34. Warszawa.mid

35. Within_Labyrinth.mid

36. Ziggy_Stardust.mid

Video still from David's China Girl

David and Mick Jagger in a video still
Dancing in the Streets

Photo from teh film Merry Christmas Mr.Lawrence

David as Jareth from the movie Labyrinth

On each band dedication page, in the same locale as this text, I have added a couple links to other pages ,and fan sites,that I feel offered a lot of information on the before mentioned band(s). As for David Bowie, upon doing a search, there is such an extensive amount of personal /professional websites dedicated to him, that I decided to just give you a central page link. And it has lists of multiple pages you can check out as you will. Enjoy and carry on. :))

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