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The Band Known as T.Rex

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The Band Known as T.Rex
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Initially a British folk-rock band called Tyrannosaurus Rex, T. Rex was a primary force in glam rock, thanks to the creative direction of guitarist/lead vocalist Marc Bolan .  Bolan created a deliberately trashy form of rock & roll, as it combined the underlying sexuality of early rock & roll, adding dirty, simplistic grooves as well as distorted guitars; with an almost folky/hippie spirituality that became their unique sound. In Britain , Marc became a superstar, sparking a period of "T. Rextacy" adopting a series of Top Ten hits, as well as  four number one singles. Over in America, the group only had one major hit , the Top Ten "Bang a Gong (Get It On)", before disappearing from the charts in 1973. T. Rex's popularity in the U.K. didn't begin to decline until 1975, yet they still managed to retain a devoted following until Marc Bolan's unfortunate death in 1977. Over the next two decades, Bolan emerged as a cult figure and the music of T. Rex has proven quite influential on hard rock, punk, new wave, and alternative. Tragically , we lost  Steve Peregrine Took ,Mickey Finn, and Steve Currie; three other members of the band, Wherever we go after we leave this world, I would like to think that they are now reunited in the next world. Entertaining heaven, with a twist that only T.Rex could offer. For their music, and their legacy, lives on..

The Band T.Rex







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