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The Duo of Sparks

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Sparks, an American rock and pop music band known for its quirky style in both lyrics, as well as in music, has  primarily centered around two brothers : songwriter and keyboardist Ron Mael, and vocalist/co songwriter/ singer Russell Mael. The band itself became an influence on many power pop and glam rock revivals, as well as one of the lyrical forerunners of the late 70s new wave sound, scoring numerous hit singles internationally, during the course of their thirty years that they played together as a group. 22 albums later, their "sound" has evolved dramatically;formerly starting off with a 60's homage to glam pop, then on to power pop and metal , and finally on to mainstream pop to electronic dance music . In their 2003 incarnation, they bore satiric songs, layered with repetitive lyrical phrases.  Despite the many genres in which Sparks has dabbled, their unique " sound" has earned the band a prominent cult fan base.
        Only a few years ago a new version of 'this town ain't big enough for the both of us' was recorded with the U.S. band 'Faith No More'.

The duo Sparks

1. When_Do_I_Get_to_Sing_My_Way.mid

2. This_Town_Ain't_Big_Enough_for_the_Two_of_Us.mid

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4. Throw_Her_Away_and_Get_a_New_One.mid

The Band Sparks

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